Noah Bears by Chantilly Lane

Our Noah Bears™ come infused with inspiration. One of North America's most popular poet philosophers, Noah benShea, brings his comforting voice and compelling words of wisdom to each and every bear, and do these Noah™ Bears have a way of communicating. With heartfelt expressions of "You Matter", "Feel Better", and "Have Hope" our Noah™ Bears say it all.

Give a "Graduation" gift, send a special "Happy Birthday" wish, or thank a "Friend" for always being there with our meaningful line of Noah™ Bears. Mom, Dad, Son, or Daughter will appreciate the sentiments of family love, while our "Prayer" reminder and a "Handmade from God" newborn message, round out the Noah™ Talking Bear Collection.

Whatever the occasion, let Noah™ Bears do the talking.


Hello, my name is Noah benShea. I am the author and voice of the Noah Bears. I am deeply honored and humbled to have heard from so many people sharing how profoundly these Noah Bears have touched their lives and the lives of people they love. May you too find the Noah Bear to be a wise and gentle friend.